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Friday, January 8, 2010

Mixed Feelings

Okay offically 3rd trimester and officially less than 3 months to go and of course I'm already having mixed mommy feelings.

On one hand, I can't wait for this little one to get here so we can meet it. I have started the frenzy of buying a few things here and there that are baby specific, and going through William's stuff to see what we can make do double duty for a spring baby.

On the other hand, if this really is what I think that it is (my last pregnancy) than I'm already a little teary to think of not having a belly like this again.

Yes that is my belly at a lovely 26 weeks! If this is the last time I want to cherish every moment, every movement, every hiccup and foot in the rib. Although I will give away the nightly leg cramps that have been plauging me the past couple weeks.

After quite a battle with post-partum despression last time and still dealing with medication etc, it was a long decision to even come to baby number two to begin with. I've always wanted three, but I'm sure that my hubby doesn't even have that thought in any part of his brain.

So it is with these mixed feelings that I enjoy buying the things and feeling the kicks and along the way I will try and get a little quilting back in there.


Ariel said...

I loved reading this post because it sounds like all the thoughts I've been having lately too...aside from the 3rd trimester leg cramps ;) I'm so excited to hear you announce who has joined your family! your belly is darling and I'm glad you are cherishing it ;) hugs from indy!

Klane said...

3 tums before bed will cure those leg cramps. I had them too about a month ago, then doc said the magic pill is a tum. :o) I'm 26 weeks too!