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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally I sew . . .

So on Boxing Day I took the very generous gift that my mother-in-law had given me for Christmas and charged off to Walmart to buy a sewing machine. There was a sale, so I got much more than I bargened for, and well, I've been itching since that day to break it out and use it . . . . last night was the night.

I'm currently searching for a name for this beauty, any suggestions? It was easy to thread and and I was off, but then came the second issue, what to sew? I had some fat quarters of Ginger Blossoms left and thought that I should put them to good use, but I wanted something simple, easy and nothing discouraging. Designer burp cloths anyone? One fat quarter, some cotton batting for extra absorbency, and ta-da!

Now what babies these will end up with is still a bit of a mystery, but I'm sure they will have a good home no matter where they go.

So cute, so easy, I can almost bet that I will be spending my lunch hour at the Fat Quarter Shop online looing for more fabric to create some of these with, and this time, with some very important babies in mind!

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erika~ the inspired mama said...

ooooh, very pretty! i LoVe that ginger blossoms print! one of my faves :) fat quarters are also great for colorful cloth napkins. you can have a set for every season!

i have no name suggestions... i have yet to name my trusty machine. hmm, maybe i should put some thought into that...