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Monday, July 29, 2013

I wasn't meant to be a hockey mom!

Have I mentioned that before? The early mornings (although anyone who knows my children knows that we are up by 6 every morning anyways), the cold arenas, the equipment, the screaming parents.

Now if I wasn't meant to be a hockey mom, goalie mom is even further from what I should be. There's too much to take in, I go into Mama Bear mode the second he steps on the ice, and can we remember he's just 6! He fits IN the net! And yet here we are! The last week in July and William has just finished his first summer of 3-on-3 hockey and as a goalie no less. 

On the weekend he played his first official playoff games (oh I long for the days of Timbit hockey where there were no playoffs and no pressure), and his team won. When I say team, I mean team, there is nothing more that a nail biting, crazed eyed mom could ask for than the teammates that William had. These little guys, some also 6, some 7 and 8 were so fiercely protective of him, often going from one end to the other to get back and help him out. 

I wish that as adults we could remember these little things. Helping others when it's not your job, getting back and giving a hand, and the sheer joy of playing!

This picture to me said it all, when I was editing it after it brought tears to my eyes, you could see the excitement on  his teammate's face as he pulls William towards him to celebrate. 

And in a few months we will be doing it all again for the "real" season, goalie equipment and all. 

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