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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For the love of fall!

There's something to be said about fall. The crisp air, the colours, the way the sun actually warms your face without burning it. This weekend was one of those perfect fall weekends and we enjoyed every moment.
Can you smell the apple crisp? I was decident about it and added a caramel drizzle to it. Back home you always knew when it was fall because of one distinct smell, the smell of tobacco being dryed in the smoke barns. I hate smoking of any kind, and the smell of it that sticks with you long after the smoker has left, but there is something sweet about the smell of a smoke barn. Tobacco before they add all the crap that will kill you.

I don't think that they will still be smoking by the time I get home around Thanksgiving weekend so for now the apple crisp will have to do.

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