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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ruff, ruff, and a giveaway!

What is this?

Yes, we've done it again. After having to rehome Clarabelle the puppy before Andrew was born, we have a new dog in our lives. This time we have been much more serious about the process . We've been looking for months now with guidelines in our heads. We wanted a dog that was a bit older, already trained, small, and had been raised around small children.

Timbit was all of those and more. We've had him almost a month and he's been great.

I even bought him this sweet polo and hoodie from Petit Dog Apparel. Lucky for you or the small dog in your life Erin is giving a matching hoodie to the one we bought Timbit away here today!

Petit Dog Apparel is a line of luxurious dog clothing specifically created for small breed dogs. It originally started when Erin the shop's owner started dressing her 7 chihuahua dogs in fashionable hoodies and shirts! She found it difficult to find quality, cute and comfortable clothing for her dogs so she decided to make her own. is Erin's second etsy shop. Between sewing and looking after 2 young toodlers she also occasionally breeds registered long and short coat chihuahuas. In fact, her most recent litter was born on May 30, 2011! She had 4 chocolate brown and white long hair chihuahuas. For more info please visit or check out FB for the latest updates: Thanks so much Erin!

So to win . . . leave me a comment telling me about your biggest doggie do's or don'ts, and I will draw a winner on Friday. Good luck everyone!


819545a0-663d-11e0-88c0-000bcdcb5194 said...

Your new 'pup' is adorable. My biggest challenge with my dog (a teenage Jack Russell) is being consistent. She loves rules, order, schedules. Sometimes life (and my husband who spoils her to death) get in the way. My biggest 'do'? - that's easy - lots of hugs and attention and exercise (well heck, isn't that what we ALL need lol?). A great contest, my pup would love a hoodie here in northern Vermont. Stacey.

Erin said...

Timbit is so cute in his hoodie! Goodluck everyone!

Cheryl said...

Training and consistency are the most important things you can do for your dog. Lots of love and positive reinforcement. At first some of the things may seem a pain, but after a while you won't need to correct him when he misbehaves and everthing will come as second nature. Don't, don't, don't feed him from the table and don't start cooking for him!!! LOL I have 2 Shih Tzu's (who btw look real cute in hoodies) and made the mistake of cooking for them when they got picky about their food. I should have stuck to my guns knowing that when they get hungry enough they will eat, but instead I listened to my hubby felt bad and would cook them something special. Now I am STUCK. While my daughter on the other hand would feed her dog (dog food) before the family ate then crate her with a bone while they ate. She did this for about 4 months and now here it is a year later and they can still leave her out during their mealtime and Daisy doesn't even go near the dining room when the family is eating. Like I said it's all about being consistent. And Timbit what an adorable dog with an adorable name. May I ask how you named him? Good Luck.