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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

12”Deep, 14”Tall, 19”Wide

After three tries, almost losing my mind and even almost completely giving up, Julie is getting her bag tomorrow. This is a different kind of baby bag, the kind that Julie, who is a midwife, can use to weigh the babies she brings into the world.

While this bag was for a while my enemy, it has a lot of great features for Julie and the babes. The sides fold down so that the baby can easily be placed in, and then come up so that there is extra protection.

It is wash and use, which might be the best feature, next to the super soft flannel that lines the inside. The binding is hand stitched of course (I considered machine stitching, but I just don't like the look), and the straps are just long enough to hang on the scale without being too long that Julie will have to hold the baby above her head to be able to get a good weight without the little bum dragging on the floor.

I hope that she enjoys it, if it works, we might make a few alterations to the next one, with a much better fabric (I ran out after all those tries!).

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