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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Baby Andrew turned one yesterday, and his birthday was filled with some unlikely firsts.

 First time he's been back to the hospital since the day he was born

First ever hospital bracelet (we were only in the hospital 4 hours when he was born so they sent his home with him but never put it on!)

First x-ray, no they wouldn't let me take a picture. And the end result was his first bought with pneumonia. Poor man, he was so sick and happy through it all, a little deceiving for the staff there, even they admitted that!

In the end, he had his first cupcake, and we celebrated an amazing year with our little man. The big party is on hold until next weekend.


Laura said...

What a way to celebrate! Poor boy! Hope he is feeling better now! Happy day-after-your-birthday to both of you!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

awww, one whole year already!! luca is riding his coat tails... 4 more weeks til his birthday! where did the time go?

and a trip to the ER, how scary! glad to hear he is going to be just fine, poor kiddo.

HaPpY BIRTHDAY, sweet boy ♥