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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Enough Already!

It is once again snowing outside my house, no little snow, big, fat, windy, crappy snow. Just when we were starting to see the grass again, and the big boy had dreams of riding his bike somewhere other than the basement.

Trying to infuse a little more green in my life while dreaming of spring.

Nothing says spring like a Shamrock Shake!

This it the green thing that got me through the winter.

Can you even tell what this litlte thing is? Once upon a time hubby went off an a business trip to Arizona (not even sure we were engaged back then) and brought me back a pack of catus seeds. I found this them summer, while cleaning out my bedside stand. They spent the summer in a pot in the garden and didn't look like much, but finally they are starting to show some potential!

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