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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

B & B Quilts

As I told you before this whole name quilt thing has taken on a life of its own! So here are a couple more that got finished over the weekend.

Brady is a playmate of William's. Jane and I met at a baby playgroup at the local Early Years Centre when they were under a year. The boys then ended up at the same pre-school and are now in the same "big boy" school as well. I was more than thrilled when Brandon arrived in December meaning that he and Andrew hopefully will have the friendship the older boys do.

Jane wanted something bright, just like the clothes that she dresses the boys in everyday. I was lucky enough to find just enough of each of these at the local Fabricland (which is closing at the end of the month, booo!)

As you can see from the picture she sent to me I think that they have the perfect wardrobe to match these quilts. I also love that when I picked William up from pre-school today Brady has brought his quilt with him! There's nothing better than when people love the things you make.

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