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Monday, November 15, 2010

I Heart Shutterfly

So after being away from blogland for a little while and updating this page yesterday I skipped on over to Ariel's blog for a peek to see if she's doing any better than me at having a baby and updating her blog. (She is by the way!) I was more than jelious to see that she was posting about getting free Christmas cards from Shutterfly! I mean seriously, who wouldn't be jelious right. Then Ariel being as nice as she is let everyone in on the secret and now I'm well on my way to earning my own holiday cards.

I wasn't going to do cards this year, I mean I wanted to but I didn't think that it really would get done with all the other things that I've been behind on. Even without the free cards I have to now, just looking at all the choices from Shutterfly has given me card envy. And since we do have a new addition to the house to introduce to everyone, it's only fitting that if any year we go all out, this is the year.

Now here is the problem, they have something like 1000 choices! In the running right now . . . .

I love that I can incorporate a letter with the pictures! I don't have to write all that much because there isn't much room, it will force me to edit myself. And really who doesn't love the red and blue. I quilt with it, why shouldn't I holiday card with it?

A more simple approach, but with lots of pictures, of the little ones, not so much of me!

And this one really is just lovely. Again simple and says it all. I can send it out just like that, although people will wonder when they see girls and I have boys.

The only problem is that I got looking around the site and really wanted to order things that didn't involve the holidays at all. Like their canvas wall-art. We had some pictures professionally taken when Andrew was about 6 weeks old and I would love to have at least one of them hanging in a very large format on my living room wall.

Maybe hubby will read this, take the hint and get me some kind of on-line gift certificate? What are the chances that hubbys really read these things we write? Want you own chance? Go here! can't wait to see what you pick for your holiday greeting . . . .

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