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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Finish of 2010

So I have done it, I have finished my first quilt of 2010, and here it is!

The only hard part now is deciding if I keep it for my babe or give it away to one of the many babes that we have coming in all around us this year. I have a little while to decide, and I have a ton of great fabric in my sewing area waiting to be used. I have some Authentic that I would like to baby quilt with, and I just got two charm packs of Make Life in the mail, and I'm waiting on a couple new patterns as well, so we'll see.

The best part of these pictures by far is the suitcase underneath the quilt. This suitcase is going to be a showcase piece in our house once we figure out how to properly display it. My husband's father came over from Ukraine when he was around 5 years old I believe, and this is the suitcase that came with him. Since he has now passed this really is a connection for us to his very interesting past.
Amazing to think, even more amazing to have in our possession.


Allie said...

I love the quilt! There is no way I would be parting with it!
That is so fun that you have that suitcase, I love to hear the stories behind such treasures.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Love that you quilt! Super cute colour combo. Your little guy is absolutely handsome! And congrats on new baby coming!

It was fun to stop by! Thanks for your comments!