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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Introducing Clarabelle . . . . .

Well it's not the introduction that I thought I would be making next to everyone, but here she is, the newest and a little unpredicted member of our family, Miss Clarabelle.

So lets start by saying I'm not really a fan of little dogs, and this miss is a Shih-poo, she's little. I sorta think that if you are going to have a dog that small, you should get a cat, they take care of themselves. So how might you ask did this happen? My husband.

For as long as I can remember he's wanted us to get a dog, and he was okay with a little dog, as long as it didn't shed and was hypoallergenic. I kept saying no. We had a cat, she was mysteriously let out of the house and never came back, it devistated William.

So Saturday, we're at the mall cause we had some time to kill while our house was being shown yet again (and not sold!), it's a mall in a city about 30 minutes away, we had never been there before but the drive was longer and we needed to be out for a while. We are almost done, we're almost headed to the car, when both George and William spot the pet store.

Here is where is gets a little long, but lets just shorten it, it went like this . . . .pet store, book store for research, back to pet store, sitting at table talking, pet store, puppy picking, big bill, headed home with Clarabelle. George calls it fate, I'm not so sure, espeically at 2am when she's crying to come see us. All the sleep I thought I would get before this next baby is likely just a figment of my imagination.


Leisa said...

Oh but Doddy she's so cute!! And Will's at the perfect age, they can grow up together. As far as the middle of the night goes - let George handle those...pretty soon you'll have no choice but to be up like me! :-)

Ariel said...

ha ha! What a cute memoir of the whole occurance. Hilarious. She is awfully cute, though ;) And I'm sure she's warm and cuddly too ;)

Hope you're feeling great! We're doing just news here! Just Titus throwing a huge tantrum at the outlet mall the middle of the entrance of a clothing store...with people having to walk over him...just the norm!