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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Project Time

Okay the last few weeks between work and home have been a little insane. All the excitement of expecting again, trying desperately to sell our house so we can find another one in our neighbourhood with more room, and well life with an almost three year old. My creative side has been neglected and I'm feeling it.

There have been Authentic charm packs and a layer cake sitting in my closet, crying out to me to use them, and I've stand to listen to them anymore so here is my new project (to be started tonight!). My sashing is cut and the sqaures are laid out and in their own little piles. I'm ready to go.

This is going to be a throw/lap quilt for my husband. He's been begging for one, although he would prefer something with NLF logos on it, I would prefer something that we can acutally leave in the living room without being embarassed. The squares are from one layer cake and the sashing is from an oreo jelly roll.

I know I do a lot of squares, never this big before though. I love the way it will showcase this great fabric, the detail of the prints without cutting them to shreds. Plus I'll admit it, I'm a semetrical lady and it works for me.

What do you think???


April Pantall said...

I think it would turn out great. The colors seems to match a lot, so I'm sure it will go great in your house. I'm sure your husband will love it!

rachel griffith said...

i've been wanting to use that oreo jelly roll with authentic for a while.
i'm SO in love with your idea!!!

Ariel said...

I honestly LOVE the black sashing with this fabric collection. This is going to look so classy and masculine at the same time. I love it. If I had time, I'd try the same pattern for a wedding gift, but I'm already two quilts behind ;)

kirsty said...

your blog is really fab! such a talent to be able to do what you do! looking forward to the next post :) pop by mine some time: