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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting ready, what will I sell?

So I'm getting ready for my first Mom 2 Mom sale, and here is what my wares will be . . .

wG Dribblers

If your baby or toddler drools we’ve got the solution that works! wG Dribblers are the baby accessory that makes it cool to drool.Often confused with an article of clothing, the wG Dribbler is super stylish and functional. It could possibly be the best dribble bib out there. Highly absorbent and comfortable enough to be worn all day, it fits snugly around baby’s neck to prevent drool from getting onto skin or clothes. 100% cotton designer print front to keep baby looking cool, interior padding draws moisture away, soft cotton flannel backing for baby’s comfort, 2 separate snap closures for adjustability Never again do you have to choose between style and function, have them both. $6.50 each = 2 for $12.00 = 3 for $16.50

wG Quilted Blankies

Not your ordinary baby blanket. From newborn to tag-along wG Quilted Blankies are the perfect blanket for your little one. Need a little something for the stroller, crib, carseat? This is the blankie that you won’t have to worry about folding over and over to fit your babe. These are sure to become a favourite to be totted around for years to come. Designer fabrics, cotton batting, flannel backing for a soft touch. Machine stitched with hand stitched binding for extra durability wG Quilted Blankies are 21in x21in. Looking for a unique baby gift for a friend or family member, you’ve found it here. $32.00 each.

wG Beanies

What ever happened to the classic bean bag? It’s back, with a fresh, modern look. wG Beanies are great for little hands and big hands alike. Help children develop gross motor skills, increase balance, enhance directionality and right/left discrimination. Individual and group activities with wG Beanies challenge kids while having fun. Special needs students will benefit with repeated practice using beanbags. Beanbags take little space and can be stored anywhere are appealing to all age and ability levels, including senior citizens who find beanbags non-threatening to use in a physical fitness setting. $2.00 each = 5 for $8.00

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Tracy said...

Very, very nice...I'm impressed with your range, and very nice prices too! Your styles and pricing will be very attractive to potential customers! Wishing you great luck with your sales! And, yeah...where did the bean bag go? Do kids still make them in school?? I hope sister and I loved making those as kids! Happy Days ((HUGS))