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Monday, March 23, 2009

Pictures and Pricepoints . . . HELP!

Nothing like asking for help on Monday morning. So I have signed up to have a table at a Mom 2 Mom Sale in my neighbourhood. A little less committment than doing a craft show and a little more than doing nothing. I figure I'll sell my bean bags, quilted blankies and maybe a couple crib size if I get them done.

So what's the problem? Price point. The quilted blankies are 21x21. Flannel backed. Handstitched binding. Great from newborn to tag-along. The larger one (that is not done yet!), is more crib size, 36x46, cotton backing will be used.

I just have no idea what they are worth or what someone would be willing to pay. I have no unrealistic visions of making millions, but I would like to have a fair price. I could use any help, even if you're not a quilter, what would you pay?


Tracy said...

Such fun! Your quilts are vibrant! A craft seller once advised me when I was starting out selling to keep tabs on all cost of supplies, factor in labor (don't cut yourself short!) and then double=there's the price. :o)

Lauranie said...

I make 40 x 40 palette quilts and 40 x 60 crib quilts! So far all I've done are LSU (team) quilts and charge $60 and $75 because the licensed fabric is a bit more. Your quilts might be smaller than mine, but are definitely MORE detailed and quilted than what I do so definitely do cost of supplies plus labor and I wouldn't go lower than $50 at LEAST! It is always hard to price things at first, but people are willing to pay extra for something that is handmade. They feel good supporting an actual person and not the local SUPER STORE!!